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Beard Lover Gift Mixing Glass, 16oz

Beard Lover Gift Mixing Glass, 16oz

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Height, in 5.90
Rim diameter , in 3.40
Bottom diameter, in 2.30

Attention, Beard Lovers!  This beard lover product is for you!  Do you have a partner that has a beard or a friend that rocks beards, then this gift is for you or them!  Beards are totally the "IN" thing right now!  Share your love of beards and give laughter to everyone reading your fun and unique shirt or product a laugh!  Unique and fun Christmas Gifts!  Gifts for men!  Great gifts for anyone!  Two-in-one: these mixing glasses are both shakers and serving glasses. Made from 100% glass, they're crystal clear and look sleek. The solid-glass base also minimizes the risk of tipping and spilling the drink. They're more narrow at the bottom for a more comfortable grip and easier carrying.

.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
.: Material: 100% clear glass
.: Heavy solid glass base minimizes spilling
.: Durable construction

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